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Win7 or 3rd party Seagate/Memeo software for backup

Hello friends at Toms,
I recently purchased a Seagate external drive. I created a backup of windows to the disk using the Memeo software provided by Seagate. I tried to restore a file and I keep getting error message "The files cannot be restored at this time / try again later". I thought maybe it was still backing up but it states the backup is complete. I went to the seagate/ memeo support site and its basically useless. Of course they dont have that error message referenced.

Should I delete this Memeo software completely and let windows run the back up instead? I'm really confused now. Whats the better thing to do? I've been reading a lot of people have problems creating a backups with windows7 too?
Thanks all
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    try it with win7 for yourself and see..

    1. Open the Control Panel (All Items View).

    A) Click on the Backup and Restore icon.

    B) Go to step 3.


    2. Open the Start Menu, and click on the Computer button.

    A) Right click on the drive that you back up file on, and click on Properties, Tools tab, and the Back up now button.
    3. If Backup is Not Configured -

    A) Click on the Set up backup button.
    B) Go to step 6.

    4. To Make Changes to an Existing Backup before Backing Up Files -

    A) Click on the Change settings link.
    B) Go to step 6.

    5. To Backup an Existing Configured Backup -

    A) Click on the Back up now button. (See screenshot below step 4A)

    B) Go to step 15.

    6. You will now see this window pop-up briefly.
    7. Select where you want to save your backup, and click on Next. (See screenshots below)
    NOTE: Click on the Save on a network button to select to save the backup to a selected network location. Only the Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions can backup to a network location.
    8. Select (dot) what you want to back up. (See screenshot below)

    A) If you select Let Windows choose, then go to step 11.

    B) If you select Let me choose, then continue on to step 9.
    9. Select (check) What you want to back up.
    NOTE: If you check the Include a System Image of Drives box at the bottom, then a system image will also be included with this scheduled backup.
    10. When finished, click on the Next button.

    11. Review your backup settings to make sure they are correct.
    NOTE: If they are not correct, then click on the back arrow button (top left corner) to go back to step 9 to correct them.
    12. Click on the Change schedule link, to change the backup schedule to how often you want to have Windows 7 automatically backup these files.

    13. Set the schedule to what you want, then click on OK.
    NOTE: If you do not want to have backup run automatically on a schedule, then uncheck the Run backup on a schedule box.
    14. Click on the Save settings and run backup button when ready to backup.

    15. You will now see this window pop-up briefly.
    16. You will now see the backup progress.
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