What laptop do I want

I wsant a general purpose laptop - no gaming, but I do like to watch DVDs. Would like a DVD burner, but willing to sacrifice that for lower price. No HP. Hate the mouse pad.
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    Where do you live etc
  2. more info what are your needs!
  3. Hello jluckiest;

    Pop on over into the Laptops and Notebook section of the forum.
    Read the Sticky Topic: FAQ - Read before buying / considering a laptop
    That will help you make a post there to get some good advice on what to look for in your next laptop.
  4. Low range : Acer/Emachines
    Mid Range : Dell/HP
    High Range : Toshiba/Sony Vaio

    Conclusion : anything with Core Duo, Core 2 Duo and 2gb to 3gb of ram will do the work for you, most of the laptops in the market comes with dvd burner by default.

    Good luck.
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