Proccess's run at one time? Which to END?

Okay, so my computer (different one) wont run the new Call Of Duty Black Ops game. It's really laggy just for the Single player. Well, I pulled up the task manager for a little bit and found out I have like 14 process's running at once. And I know that would slow my computer down. But the point of this message is to see what I am able to get rid of with out screwing up my computer.

These are what I see in the Task Manager.

atieclxx.exe: (No Description)
CCC.exe: Catalyst Control Centre: Host Application
csrss.exe: (no description)
dwm.exe: Desktop Winow Manager
FlashUtil10l_ActiveX.exe: Adobe Flash Player Installer/Uninstaller 10.1 r102
Iexplorer.exe: internet Explorer (open even when I close the application)
Iexplorer.exe: internet Explorer (open even when I close the application)
MOM.exe: Catalyst Control Centre: Monortoring Program
rundll32.exe: Windows Host Process (rundll32)
Steam.exe: Steam
TaskHosts.exe: Hosts Processes for Windows Tasks
Winlogon.exe: (No Description.)

So please if anything help me out tell me what I can close out or something to help preformance.

-Sincerely, Mastervega
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  1. Hello MasterVega;
    Double check and confirm that your Iexplorer.exe is actually Iexplore.exe without the 'r'
    When you have Internet Explorer running do you also see a process named Iexplore.exe?

    Most of what you have is 'normal stuff' (except for Iexplorer.exe) and shutting them down won't get you a marked increase in performance.
    Steam.exe is the only process I would recommend you shut down and you can do that in the Steam program preferences. And only if you're not gaming frequently. Serious gamer? Then leave it running.

    You might want to download and run the free utility program Process Explorer:
    It gets you quite a bit more info on what's going on in your system.
    Another good utility program is Autoruns for Windows
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