Should I change to 7?

I am running a 32-bit version of Windows Vista Home Premium. My computer is slowing down and I have found spy/malware (I would have to pay to remove them with the program that I used to scan for them) on my computer. I also have an old Geforce driver installed as I have put an ATI graphics card (4850 with 512 MB) on my pc which originally had a Geforce . I think that it might be the reason why my computer is crashing.
Because of this I have decided that I want to reinstall windows. I have two options. Should I use the back-up DVDs that I made or should I install Windows 7?
I mostly play games so is it worth 7? I have seen that one of my games (Fable the Lost Chapters) may not work with 7.
Also if I install 7 should I go for a 32-bit or 64-bit version? I have 3 gigs of RAM. My computer can run a 64_bit OS.
I am a student so I do not have that much spare money. What do you think that I should do?
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  1. Hi,

    If you have 3 gigs of ram got for windows 7 32bit as it wont read more than 3.2 to 3.4gb of ram.

    Windows Vista is a disaster and i always recommend windows 7 to my clients.

    Good luck.
  2. Hi arzhur - If decide to upgrade to Windows 7 (which I'm sure most of us here think you should) and you are a qualifying student, you can purchase Windows 7 Professional upgrade for at a great student discount of $64.95 -

    Let us know what you decide!

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  3. I don't think that I qualify for the student discount as I am studying in Ireland (NUIG). Does that mean that I have to buy a Windows for the full price?
  4. If you don't qualify for the student deal, you can still purchase an upgrade version of Windows 7 (since you are running Vista). This will save you some money over purchasing the full retail version -

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  5. If I install the upgrade will I still not have all the problems that I have now except for the speed?
  6. Arzhur said:
    My computer is slowing down and I have found spy/malware (I would have to pay to remove them with the program that I used to scan for them) on my computer.
    Hello arzhur;
    Performing a 'clean install' with your Vista32 will fix your malware problem. A new total installation will get your system back to performing like it was before your infections.
    A mis-match video driver might be causing some of the crashes, but so could the malware.
    The least expensive option is the Vista re-install. You'll have to re-install your programs and games, but you'll have a fresh and hopefully, problem free system.

    Can you boot your computer into Safe Mode?
    You can also try a 'Rescue Disk/AV scan'. AVG Rescue CD helps you build a bootable CD with an AV scanner.
  7. Hi Arzhur, There's no way you need to buy anything or spend a single penny to speed up your system and get your PC it's former glory back. Get Windows 7 only if you want to because you do not at all have to.

    1. You cannot use back-up DVD's to re-install.

    2. All these "Free Scan" but "Pay to Clean" things are the biggest Internet scams. Dunno why the regulators don't crack down on them. They can do so to Wikileaks, but not to the real scamsters! Amazing!!

    Uninstall that stupid program first. All the good genuine Anti-Virus programs are either free or at least have a free/trial edition. So you don't have to pay a dime for them.

    Doing the following will help immensely-

    Firstly, Start>Run>msconfig>startup.

    Disable every single entry apart from your anti-virus. This will quicken up your start-up immensely.

    If you've got illegible *&%$45 kind of entries, it indicates the presence of malware. What kind of Anti-Virus program do you use?

    If you use McAfee/Norton, disable and uninstall them (Start>Control Panel>Programs And Features>Uninstall/change). They are a part of the reason your system is slowing down. Download avast! Free Antivirus and do a full scan.

    In addition you can also use Malwarebytes Anti Malware and Spybot Search and Destroy. All these programs are free. Never ever pay a dime for any maintenance/Utility software - registry cleaners especially. They're all a big scam.

    Start>search 'disk defrag'>then defrag your C:\ drive.

    Or you can download Auslogics Disk Defrag and defrag your hard disk.

    Then Start>search "%temp%" without the quotes and clean out everything in there.

    Then download CCleaner and just press the "run cleaner" button on home screen. Then click on "Registry>Scan for issues>Fix selected issues>Back-up>Select Fix all>Yes.

    This will take care of 99% of the problems. Re-install Windows only if nothing else works. There's absolutely nothing that a fresh install can't take care of.

    But that should be the absolute last option especially for a general user like yourself. If it comes to that, make sure to back up your documents, pictures, videos and you'll also have to reinstall copyrighted software - Office etc.

    Feel free to post back with further queries if you want to :)
  8. My computer started crashing when I put the new graphics card in (and PSU). Since then one of my fans turn faster and the screen goes blank. The only solution I have found is to press the on button for 5 seconds. A few months ago (this was after I put the new graphics card in) I did a system recovery but that did not solve the problem. That is why I think that it is a driver problem as the old driver was still there. Will all these steps help stop this crash?
    I am using AVG now (for one or two months) and used avast before that. I changed because with one of the free scan but pay to clean programs I found over 300 problems under spyware/malware. Neither avast or AVG found anything. Now I am also getting an announcement from Advanced System Optimizer saying that I have a Trojan Horse but AVG has not found it. I also have a free trial of Norton which came with my computer. Should I uninstall that too?
    My system was running on a 320GB hard drive. Now I have put a 1TB drive in as well as I was running out of space. Should I transfer windows onto this drive? If yes how would I do that?
    Anyways thanks for the tips I will try them.
  9. You also need to uninstall the Nvidia driver. Boot into safe mode, go to (Start>Control Panel>Programs And Features>Uninstall/change), find the NVIDIA drivers and uninstall them. ( I would also uninstall the ATI drivers at this time. reboot the machine, then re-install the ATI drivers.

    You can try searching for the Malwarebytes Anti-malware free program. download that and run a scan. SuperAntiSpyware is also very good (and free).
  10. Arzhur said:
    I changed because with one of the free scan but pay to clean programs I found over 300 problems under spyware/malware. Neither avast or AVG found anything.
    Sounds like you're infected with some 'scare-ware'. They try and scare people into buying 'protection' they don't actually need.
    Have you run AVG while in 'Safe Mode'?
  11. If AVG and Avast didn't find anything, then you don't have anything to worry about. WR2 is right 'bout scareware. That's why I said don't buy anything. Instead uninstall that crap ASAP. That is actually one of your problems.

    Never again download anything that promises a 'free scan'. Mostly does more harm than good. What's more, they're never free.

    Don't run multiple security programs - that'll actually slow your system down completely. Norton is legit but complete bloatware. Get rid of it. Also, run either AVG or Avast. Uninstall the other.

    Uninstall the old Nvidia driver as described by clark.

    You can't 'transfer' windows to a new/different hard drive. You have to re-install it in that case.

    If you're having problems after putting in the new PSU, maybe that is the problem, or you have a loose connection somewhere, which is why you have to press the on button for a few seconds for it to work properly.

    What PSU are you using? What was your last one?

    Have you followed the other steps I had listed? Those will not solve the crashing problem but the slowness will definitely go away.
  12. I have done a thorough scan with avast and have found 13 threats as well as 14 errors saying Error:Archive is password protected. (42056). I tried moving the threats to the chest but 4 of them gave the error Error:The system cannot find the file specified (2). What should I do with them? Also what should I do with the password protected files?
    I have also blocked all startups except avast, windows defender and Microsoft Windows Operating system. Should I block windows and windows defender too? Also by any chance would anybody know which program allows you to play, pause, skip, eject ect... with your keyboard because I cannot use those buttons since I blocked nearly everything?
    As for the PSU that I am using it is a Corsair CX 400W PSU ATX 12V V2.2, 80 Plus, Standard, 1x 6+2-pin PCIe, 6x SATA, 120mm Fan. The old one was a 300W one which came with the pc ( I doubt that there are loose connections as when the crashing started I checked them. I also observed that whenever I installed a newer driver for my graphics card the crashing got more frequent. It has not happened since at least a month.
  13. Some files cannot be scanned. These files are usually archive files and are by nature inert. The files are non-executable files (.exe).

    I think you might have opted for a custom scan. If so, click packers and leave unchecked the all packers box. For more info check out the default scan settings. Uncheck the all packers boxes. That should help.

    If you already have Avast installed and running, you don't need Windows defender. It is an anti-spyware program. Avast/AVG/Avira are all Anti spyware, Virus, Malware, Rootkits - basically anti all bad nasties :)

    So disable Windows Defender. Turn on Windows Firewall though, if you're using Avast free, as it doesn't come with a firewall - Start>Control Panel>Windows Firewall.

    By play, you mean DVD's, music, movies etc? If so, use Windows Media Player. You'll be able to control everything with mouse clicks.

    You must be logged on as an administrator to perform these steps.

    Start>Control Panel>Default Programs or Programs>Default Programs (depending on your screen view)>Click on Windows Media Player>Set as Default.

    If installing new drivers make your crashes more frequent, don't install 'em. Have you uninstalled the old Nvidia drivers from the safe mode? (Hit f8 repeatedly during the boot process and use the arrow keys to navigate. Then follow what WR2 said) - EDIT- I meant clarkjd and not WR2.

    Lastly, are you saying that the crashes have stopped in the last month? If so, is a lethargic Operating system your only problem?
  14. Also when I do a search for %temp% there are two folders that are found, Temp and temp. The problem is that I cannot delete them. What should I do?
  15. Surely, you should be able to do so. You have to close your browser for that. Or if it says that a file is open elsewhere, restart to clean it.

    If not, download and install 'CCleaner' from and check all the boxes for Internet explorer. Then click on the 'applications' tab and check all the boxes of all your browsers and choose "Run Cleaner". That should do it IMO.
  16. As for the buttons yes I do mean the Cd, DVD ect... My problem is that I always use the eject button because I cannot use the button on the tower to close the CD/DVD drive due to a bad build of the frame. I have to push something to close it.
    The computer seems to crash when I am playing games such as Empire Total War. The thing is that I have not played since a while so I have not had any crashes.
  17. If you are running an ATI graphics card, you have GOT to remove the Nvidia graphics drivers, otherwise, there will be conflicts between them and your new ATI drivers. The conflicts are more likely to show up during gaming, since that is what uses the 3D part of the card, and the conflicts could be causing your machine to crash.
  18. To use WMP to play DVD's, do the following before choosing WMP.

    Control Panel>Play CDs or other media automatically>uncheck the box for “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices”.

    That'll let you play everything with WMP and you'll be able to control everything with your mouse.
  19. Arzhur,

    I am sympathetic to your situation. Please reinstall Windows Vista fresh (do a custom install, which will erase all your data). If you have a legitimate version of Vista (can pass genuine validation) you can install Microsoft Security Essentials for free. Google it! Do not download or use any other program for your computer's security, that's senseless.

    You will not see a performance boost if you go to 7 :(. You can install Vista and MSE at absolutely no cost to you, and you will be very happy :).

    Now go do it kthxbye.
  20. As fro me, I will choose Windows XP to play games, not Windows 7 because my computer is not so good. But windows 7 is really great.
  21. Hi quickmana and brucew0617, this is old thread, and I am sure that people have moved on.
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