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Im a "Gamer" and like all things about IT. i want to know if there is a program or a way to setup a website (.com) on my win 7 ultimate.
(I also got my hands on a dusty win server 2003 but its old and i dont know how to use it)
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    Hello mrzone;
    Yes it's entirely possible. What do you intend to do with your 'web server'?
    Do you have a 'static IP' or a 'dynamic IP'? Not sure? Who is your ISP and what level of service do you have?
    Most often a static IP is associated with Business Class ISP packages (Comcast for example).

    Besides using WinServer 2003 you could try an open source all-in-one package like XAMPP.
    XAMPP for Windows:

    If you're serious about setting up a commercial website (.com) you'll want to seriously think about setting up a site on a dedicated web hosting server. You can get a decent package (depending on what you to do) from around $2-$5 a month.
  2. Your Win 7 Ultimate has nothing to do with your proposed website. You'll need a server alright, but you'll also need to pay for hosting rights.

    What's this site gonna be about? You can get a pre-designed formulaic site for not too much, though.

    But if you do use a website builder, your site will look like the other sites that were built with that website builder. To make your site look different you have to write it yourself and that means learning how.

    I suggest you get in touch with a pro who does this for a living. Shouldn't cost you more than a few hundred bucks one way or another.

    Free webhost, get a domain from freedomain

    webstarts, Weebly

    Don't bet on .com or .net though.
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