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I have upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista and now have "Windows Live Mail" instead of "Windows Mail".How can I get the old "Windows Mail" email program instead? Or is it now "dead"?
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  1. I don't think you can. I know from XP to Win7 was the change I faced because I used to use Outlook Express which you can't run on Win7. So it's probably much the same as Vista's Windows Mail.

    Live Mail isn't bad when you get used to it - just wish they'd give you a choice!
  2. Actually, you do have a choice. Live Mail doesn't come included with Windows 7, so you must have installed it via an optional Windows update that adds Live Essentials to your system. However, you are still free to install any email application of your choice.
  3. I downloaded and installed Thunderbird from It works very well, including reading from multiple email accounts.
  4. Yes, Herr_Koos is correct here. You can either download Windows Live Mail as part of Windows Live Essentials 2011 -

    Or, you can choose a different email application to set as your default email in Windows 7.

    Have you tried Windows Live Mail?

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
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