Please help me get rid of this naggin virus. Thanks.

Hi I recently downloaded something which seemed like a virus but I still clicked on it. I have bitdefender 2010 total security running. It detected the virus and stopped it. Then the next day my internet went down, I was getting cannot get DNS address on that computer only. All wifi connection were working fine. I resolved it by putting in static DNS address that i found as a solution on a random website where people were getting DNS errors. When I ran the virus scan it found 8 instances of trojan.nsis.agent.a virus which it quarantined.

Now everytime I restart windows bitdefender it finds two instances of trojan.nsis.agent.a in searchprotocolhost.exe in the windows temp directory. It blocks and quarantines the files. It happens each time. So the source is still somewhere on the computer. Bitdefender and malware bytes find no viruses or trojans. Any suggestions of what else I can do?

Below is a log file for Hijack this.
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  1. Do a clean install, your problems will be fixed.

    If you're unable to do a clean install because you don't have everything backed up, then I first suggest you scan with malwarebytes anti-malware, then SUPERanti-spyware and then see if your problem still exists. Also get Comodo



  2. ^^ Try with malwarebytes...
  3. Try running a virus scan without booting your infected OS.
    AVG Rescue CD lets you create a bootable CD and then run an AVG virus scan.

    That should let you attack your malware infection directly without it being able to protect itself (OS not running = virus/trojan not active)
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