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Recently I had a video card/driver problem when playing "Sherlock Holmes,
Silver Earring", an adventure game. The game ran ok till quite near the end
of the game. But when I exited and or entered a certain door, the game
crashed and I was kicked to the desktop. When I tried to play the game
again, it said check video drivers and "game caused an invalid page fault in
bink32.dll" Module XXX- that file is one of the game files. I checked
Display, and found that my enhanced video drivers had disappeared, like
Smartgart, 3D, and others. Only basic drivers were left. I re-formatted the
hard drive 4 times over the next two weeks, trying various Catalyst drivers
and 4in1 Via drivers. But every time I tried the game, the same thing

Asus A7V8X-X
Wom 98SE
Radeon 9000 Pro.128MB
256 RAM
DirectX 9b
Catalyst 4.2
Via 4in1 drivers 4.53

On a game forum, some people had crashes at the same place as me but none
had the severe problems as I had. I met all the requirements for the
game.I've played games (mostly adventure) for the last 14 years and nothing
like this has happened. I played two recent games with similar requirements
with no problems. The game seemed to trigger a problem with the video
drivers, but I have no idea why.

I emailed the game developer and he blamed my ATI 9000 Pro and said he had a
problem with an ATI 9000 (non Pro) when playing "Call of Duty" with crashes
and lost files. He also said they had problems when game testing with ATI
cards and don't use them and said Nvidia cards were more stable. (the box
suggested ATI or Nvidia video cards). He sent me a saved game to get past
the part where the game crashed.

I am very curious to know if anyone here has ever had a similar problem with
enhanced video drivers not being available any more when playing a game.

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati (More info?)

    Yes, with same card up to the 4.3 drivers. Once I switched to the Catalyst
    4.6 or 4.8 drivers, that problem
    went away. One thing .. you cannot have fast writes
    enabled. With the correct drivers CoD and MOHAA
    both ran perfectly with no further problems. Make
    sure you do a clean install of the 4.8 drivers. Also
    I don't think the 4.11 drivers are really out of beta yet.
    Also, Win98 is really the pits for games. Everything runs
    in software, and is just too slow. Worse, you don't
    have enough ram to run Donkey Kong ... 1 gig is
    mandatory for CoD.

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