linksys BEFSR41 and file/print sharing

I have a home network setup with 2 W98 machines and a Linux box. I'm thinking of purchasing a linksys cable modem/DSL router to give them all access to the internet via my cabelmodem. My question is does the linksys box support Windows file/printer sharing within the internal network? I imagine it must, but I'll be damned if I can find any info that explicitly says it does.


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  1. I'm confused. Are you already networked between your three boxes? If so, can you already share files and printing?

    Just looked at the Linksys site- I don't get it. You still need an external router for your DSL or cable modem. Looks like you might save a network card, but you might lose some control over the firewall to the box. If you already have a LAN and you still need an external modem, you already have everything you need except a firewall. If anything the box just saves the trouble of setting up the wall.

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  2. rather than asking you more questions... I'll just answer yours

    yes it does...

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