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I would assume that there are a few motor sports fans amongst us. By motor sports I mean essentially anything that involves a car, so the possibilities are endless.

Right now I'm watching the Memorial Day weekend tradition- the Indy 500. I'm not an avid watcher of the IRL or anything, but it's hard to resist such a tradition. You would have to figure that driving an Indy car would be like driving a rocket with wheels, i.e. a 1500lbs car and a 700 horsepower motor. I'll occasionally watch a NASCAR race, especially those at super speedways like Daytona and Talladega, even though I'm not a fan of the restrictor plates. Finally, I'll also watch NHRA events if there is nothing on.
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  1. Unbelievable final lap crash on turn 4 gives Wheldon the Indy 500! I do not encourage tailgating, but Hildebrand should have tailgaited the slower car home and risked being shot! ;)
  2. I concur. Heck of a final lap. I wasn't expecting Hildebrand to wreck out on the final lap, much less the final turn. I guess nerves got to him. It's a wonder most of the drivers who wreck out in Indy Cars aren't hurt seeing that there isn't much to them, but it works.
  3. In Europe (or only in France, not sure) we do not have much popular motorsport as you.
    People are interesting in F1 and rally for most.
    Still, today was the Monaco Grand Prix and it happened something that challenged me. What do you think:
    For those who do not know is the Formula 1 circuit deemed the most technical and difficult. By extension, the most envied.
    One reason is that the race takes place in the city (for those still unfamiliar with the formula 1)
    During qualification testing, there are these two accidents in one place. Watch by yourself (only if i can insert video... mayday mayday) :

    And now, organisers of the race are being asked what they're gonna do for arrange this problem in the futur. They (pilots, sport journalists) talk about cutting trees or enlarge the curve..... Well, they could also run the race on a right line!!

    So what do you think about it? (if you care ^^)
  4. Your pics aren't showing gropounce.

    I occasionally watch the F1 races if they are aired on TV over here. I rather enjoy the road races- vey cool.

    The NASCAR race on Sunday ended in much the same way the Indy 500 ended. Earnhardt Jr. had the lead going into the final turn at Charlotte, but he ran out of gas! It would have been his first win in 107 races. Alas, the streak continues. I'm not a big fan of his, even though he is by far the most popular driver on the circuit, but that's because he has the same name as his old man, who was by far one of the best of all time.
  5. Jeff Gordon is the man.Number 24 is going to get that 5th title!
  6. In terms of motorsport, I am a big Formula One fan, I used to watch Moto GP 500cc class but have since gone of bike racing.

    There is nothing like Formula One, any serious race car driver that wants to be remembered strives to get into F1. I have seen the comparisons between Indy Car vs Formula One and the tracks have settled that myth, while Indy has greater highend, nothing beats Formula One for acceleration and breaking, and the technicalities of tracks, there are no oval cambered tracks in Formula One but a myriad of 180-225km/h high speed corners to 120-140km/h slower corners, chicanes, hairpins putting the ultimate race machine and physics to the test.

    I believe that Formula One in the US will take on new significance when it returns to the Austin track for 2014 season, I think people in the US have forgotten about it since its withdrawal in 2008, the Montreal GP at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is testiment to how big F1 is in North America, and now with Mexico wanting a grand prix too F1 in the Americas will be a fixture again.
  7. I think you mean motorevent. Sport implies athletic talent.
  8. Motorsports......LOL
  9. motor event [:aford10:5]
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