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I would like to make a switch to turn on/off my network connection. I am thinking just a small hobby box with a toggle switch and two RJ45 plugs or two pigtails to go from my router to the cable modem.

Questions; how many of the 4 wires used in the CAT5 should I run through the switch. Would 1 be enough or 2 be better?
And, would I be seeing any noticable signal loss going through a standard SPST or DPST toggle switch ?

I could get the same results by unplugging a cable but the switch would be easier.

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  1. Only two of the pairs on the CAT 5 cable are used. 4 wires.

    Gotta make sure they are pairs and not 1 half of of one pair etc etc, as this might cause interference.

    Make sure you know which ones too. :smile:

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  2. Only 2 wires are used but you may skrew up the cat 5 rating as it is kinda picular about some things. Keep your wires short untwisting only what you have to. Depends on your punchdown but on most blue/whiteblue are the wires you will want to switch. If it works great, if not you learned what won't work.

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  3. pairs, not wires, but you meant that im sure.

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  4. You will get some noticeable signal loss if the strands of wire are long. If it is a short segment, hopefully it will be good enough. You are usually not supposed to unwrap the twisted pair (which is cat 3 utp and beyond) for more than an inch. hope this helps

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  5. do u mean just your computer from the rest of the network or block others from using the network? in XP u can have the connetion icon in the sys tray. when u want to disconnect from the network u can just disable or disconnect that nic. to me that would be a lot easier and safer than trying to make a switch. whats everyone else think?
  6. sell an internet cut off switch. AKA internet panic button. it is exactly what you described and it works great!! go to or
  7. sell an internet cut off switch. AKA internet panic button. it is exactly what you described and it works great!! go to

    Personaly I put a little 5 port gigabit switch in line and use a timer on the power cord on top of the timer is a slide switch off and on so it turns the conection off and on and I can leave it set to cut it off at night if I forget i got the netgear swtch for $8.95 and the timmer was about $3.00.
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