Australia is relatively Zombie free.

Pretty safe here in the West ... doesn't look good for the Eastern States though.

We only have one small isolated Zombie haven in Perth and it is at Murdoch University ... last week there were nerf rounds flying everywhere ... bar the tav and the library.

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  1. Eastern states look fine.

    Imma drive to Canberra.

    Population: Gillard, Abott and Brown.


    (Gillard and Abott don't count as humans, and Bob Brown photosynthesises.)
  2. We have plenty of churches in Adelaide, big crucifix, sharp wood stake and garlic neck... oh wait, this is a zombie attack. Run! I think I will be save in the posh suburb east of Adelaide. The posh zombies probably like their brain medium rare. Mine is all fried.
  3. ^ I like her outfit.

    Very nice.
  4. Too over priced. ColdSteel, while not as niche market cool, are cheaper and effective.
  5. Heheh I like the term "relatively" zombie proof.

    I would like to make an argument that a mace would be the most efficient zombie killing tool. It never needs to be sharpened, and who uses blades to crush heads.
  6. A mace is a bit clumsy. Sure, going one on one it'll work fine.. but taking on a couple at a time. A mace wouldn't be my first choice. I'd prefer a sword.
  7. I'll stick to my guns. Got enough ammo to last long after being tired from swinging.
  8. I have this idea about how long a zombie could survive in the wild.....

    So we know zombies have poor balance and aren't very sturdy on their feet. How often do you think they fall over? A few trips here or there and Im sure they would live. But a tumble down a hill or even a 10 foot fall will break bones and maybe they would even experience some head trauma and "kill" themselves. If they arent mobile this idea wont work but in the Walking Dead we do see them on the move more often than not.

    Its really a numbers game after a while. How many times can a zombie fall down before they are crippled to the point of not being a danger or bump their head and kill themselves.

  9. Weve lost some great ones along the way, plus Belushi and sorrowfully Candy as well
  10. I prefer regular daos.

  11. I need the long pole. I recommend you to get a weapon with a long pole as well. You don't want to be too close with the zombie.

    Watch 28 days later and 28 weeks later. The body fluid from the zombies are infectious.
  12. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Dont forget, gunshots attract more zombies. At least according to The Walking Dead. ;)

    All the more to shoot. :)

    I just found out last night I live next to a certified badass. I'm going to take taking instructions from him. The guy has done everything and his friends are the instructors on Top Shot.
  13. I did some tactical rifle training.. and I spent a couple hours last night talking to this guy. His passion to explaining and instructing was like nothing I saw before. He was explaining every little concept and why with example.

    I have a feeling I'm going to learn a lot more than I could ever expect.
  14. Now I think a flame thrower will probably work best.

    Large area of damage, reasonable range, fuel in every gas station and silent.
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