Problems with Windows7 and Office 2007

I have bought a new CPU unit that has Windows 7 and am having trouble with Office 2007. It appears to install but when I try to open power point so I can work with it -- it gives an error message that it is not compatabile....any suggestions??
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  1. Are you clicking on an existing presentation, or are you trying to start a new one?
  2. Try this.
    Right click on the power point icon, then select properties in the menu.
    Click on compatibility tab.
    Tick the run in compatibillity mode box, then select windows xp service pack 2.
    click on apply, then ok.
  3. Did you have a trial version of office installed before you installed your version? If yes uninstall both reboot and install again.
  4. Office 2007 is fully compatible with Windows 7, so your installation must be faulty. Please give the exact error message. Can you open any of the other Office applications, like Word or Excel?
  5. OR, he's trying to bring up an existing file that is in an incompatible format or is corrupt. Office 2007 started limiting the earlier versions that can be opened due to possible security concerns. There is a registry tweak you may need to do that will allow opening the earlier versions. It is described in Microsoft's knowledgebase for Office.
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