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Well I realized yesterday that I was getting low on memory for my hard drive. I decided , well lets delete some games I dont need. After deleting those I was back to a nice 300gb. I was happy but a tad more would be nice. I remembered my friend telling me about ccleaner. He said he got 25 gigs off his computer after using it, I was shocked. I downloaded and clicked clean. I had all the default boxses checked to make sure I dont cause and problems... I wasnt too worried after looking online I saw some great reviews ccleaner looked safe. So I used it and all was well it cleaned out 30 gigs or so and I turned my comp off and went to sleep. The next morning I awoke to a terrible screen after about 20 seconds at the welcome screen my screen turns blue, you get the jist , I have tried going fast but it doesnt matter the welcome thing loads for a while and my screen locks into blue mode. Here are some of the codes that appeared, please help! BTW im in safe mode with networking windows 7 32bit. it went like this STOP: 9x000000FC (0xa6070cc8,0x00000002) There was 1 more code maybe any thanks greatly appreciated!!!
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  1. use windows restore feature to fix the problem.
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