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Move files instead of Copy to an secondary HDD

So I have a secondary drive where I store all my data, with some shortcuts to that drive on my desktop. I want to be able to drag files from the desktop into the shortcut folder and have the files move them there instead of copying them and than I would manually have to delete the file afterwards. Is there some sort of registry tweak to do this. I dont mind if it effects every device I plug in. Or is that just not possible?
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  1. Pressing <Shift> while dragging your files enforces a Move.
    (similarly, <Ctrl> enforces COPY; and <Alt> enforces COPY A SHORTCUT ONLY).

    There is also a simple way to put "Move to folder" context menu choice to Windows Explorer:

    However, personally I only use "Move to" sparingly because it is too dangerous...
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    If you drag using the right mouse button instead of the left, it will give you a pop-up asking whether you want to copy or move.
  3. ^+1

    That's how I do it as it only takes one hand to do it instead of two. ;)
  4. Thanks Herr_Koos, and EnvH
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