Win 8 Screen Recording Causes Mouse to Flicker, but not in Vista


Using the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, I had tried to record my screen with at least 10 different programs, including CamStudio and MyScreenRecorder. The mouse flickers during the entire recording. However, I reinstalled windows Vista, and this problem does not occur. Could this be that the software wasn't yet supported on Windows 8, or that the release preview wasn't fully functional? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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  1. does the software said it windows 8 ready?
  2. You're first problem is you have Windows 8, sucks. Vista isnt any better. Time to use a stable OS, Windows 7.
  3. It now the it sucks, it just that not too many apps/hardware support it yet. They need to make sure thing work with windows 8 before installing it.
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