Windows 7 & install freeze need HELP!!!

OK i have a very frustating problem!
i have a copy of a windows 7 ultimate!In my new pc has no problem but when I try to install it to older PCs when the installation freezes at the very beggining :fou: !!

I tested to two Pcs one has AMD FX-55 with a psu of 600 w and 2 gb of ram which are same in brand,with nforce 4 msi,nvidia gtx 285,hard disk 640 WD partitioned!The problem is after the boot of the dvd, loads files and when i go to the windows 7 screen the instalation freezes!I can move the cursor by the way!The user has windows xp!I tyied to make an installation from windows Xp upgrade but when the pc restarts it freezes at the logo screen!
The second pc has 500 pcu 2 gb ram one modeule! intel processor dual core i dont remember details! but does the same thing!
I made another copy of windows 7 and did the same thing!But in my pc witch is new works perfect!
My speces are: AMD PHenom II X4 955 coolermaster 600W, gigabyte mobo!2 gb of ram kingston 1 module,gigabyte so gtx 265 and hard drive WD 640 Caviar partitioned!

thanks for your time,
P.s if anyone knows the solution plz help!!!
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  1. one copy is only good for 1 computer!
  2. ok guys i figured whats happening!!! :D
    i set my bios motherboard to deafault settings via bios!Its a ram thing!!! the voltages that ram gives where high so you must set to deafault!1.5V
    I have seen many people having these problem so i feel happy if i have helped!!! :p
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