"Offline folder" (CSC) EFS and XP : Access to offline file..

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I've the following scenario :

I use Encrypted Offline Folder on XP machine.
Now the user had been recreated on the Windows 2003 Domain.
I apply the ntfs right to acces again his files with the new SID.
All is OK from my laptop when I access my files when connected to the

Now I'm offline.
And I got a "Access Denied" when I try to access my offline files,
which are stored onto the CSC.
I suppose that my files into the CSC are crypted with my old SID. So I
can anymore access it.

How can I purge my CSC to resynchronise my files with their new SID ?

Thank you
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  1. 1. Access the folder in safe mode [press F8 during boot]
    2. Use Hirens Boot CD
    3. Use any linux LiveCD

    When You access the folder, clean it [but LEAVE the empty CSC folder!!!

    ALL DONE :]
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