Help with DP55KG board

ok here is my problem but first here is the system I build

Termaltake Armor + full case
DP55KG extreme mobo
Nevidia 7800 gt
8gb Ram 4 x 2gb Gskillz Ram with heatsink
250gb WD HD
600W coller max PSU
i5-650 dual core

The clone is of the W7 windows off of my asus laptop 6920 I could not find any probems cloning that OS to my desktop if this is the case which i hope its not but if it is looking for drivers of my asus cause when the post doesn't go through it does say cannot find here is a breif explenation of what I did up to this point.

ok so I just put this rig together and when I pluged in the 24 pin connector and the 8 pin also and I do have the Ram in the correct slot only one stick btw since I don't have a DVD writer yet I just cloned the HD from a existing OS that is W7 64 so I plug in the Sata cable and molex and the system beggins to post into windows for about 3 seconds then gets a error on the motherboard of E7 everytime it trys to post that code appears and I also tryed updating the Bio's to the newest version that didnt help either. Again I do have the 1 stick of Gskills 2gb Ram in the correct slot I have tryed them all and then re-inserted it back to the original slot.

Does anyone know how to fix this or is there a solution or is this a defective DP55KG motherboard???
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  1. Are you able to access the bios settings?
  2. yes I am able to access the bios settings I have the WD HD first to boot since I do not have a Sata DVD only a PATA and the dp55kg does not have any pata ports lol I never even though of that since my old rig had some on that board.
  3. well I solved my own problem lol turns out the OS was currpted somehow from cloning the laptops OS over to my desktop lol I just did a reinstall and everything is fine now I can finally use the beast :) :bounce: :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
  4. i hav 1 question sir

    Does Intel dp55kg Mother board support intel Core i7-950 processor ?

    Please HELP
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