Linksys USB NIC Driver Steals 15% of CPU

I got 98xx in 3DMark 2001 with ATI 9700 and XP 1900+, it was 11xxx previously. I checked my CPU usage from the task manager, it was constantly 15%. I tried to unload some processes from task manager, but there was no change, .... I opened device manager and disabled LinkSys USB driver, the CPU went to 0%! By the way, there was no network activity before I disable it. Why should this happen? Is it normal?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Edit: Another weird thing: this problem went away as soon as I moved it to another USB slot.
BTW, I am using MSI KT333 Ultra(MS-6380E).
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  1. USB is controlled by your cpu, i think. If you want a lower cpu usage, use a pci lan card with controller built in. I've seen the intel and 3com ones for about $90, they use up to 5% cpu during full transfers; 0% othertimes.

    But since you moved it to another slot, im sure the problem is the usb port.
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