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hello everyone, please help..
1.When i boot my pc and windows 7 start`s up it goes directly to the desktop (after the windows logo flying thing )without a welcome screen..
2.In addition to that when the pc boots and goes to desktop the mouse cursor does not move for a couple of seconds ...
I must say that this anomaly started after i switch to ssd from regular hdd ,with which it was o.k..
installed fresh copy (format), all newest drivers.

my pc: q9550 , p5q pro , 4g hyper-x 1066 , intel x25 80g ssd , 550w psu ,
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  1. Log-in as Administrator, open the control panel, go to user accounts, set your to the security level you prefer and enable the log-in screen at startup.
  2. what i meant was, welcome screen not log in screen , ,,
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