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I have a dell gx620. Pentium D dual core 3.4ghz and 2 gigs of ram. One of the little ones, vey small case, maybe 12"x12"x4" in size. With the dvd drive that pops out of the case and can be swapped out wit another drive. Floppy or whatever.

Anyway here is the problem. I insert the win 7 dvd. It boots from it, I click the install button, and as it starts"loading windows" it stops, pops up an error asking me to insert the driver disk for the dvd writer drive. Well I have never had this happen before during a windows install. Windows always has a driver that works. But apparently not this time. I went to the dell site and the only drivers I can find are .exe files for win xp. SO not a real driver file that the install could access.

My question is how will I get win 7 to install onto this machine if it stops the process buy asking me to give it a driver that I don't have and apparently can't get? where can I get the driver that i need for the dvd burner?
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  1. I have tried two different dvd drives, My laptop uses the same type of swappable dvd drive. The dvd looks fine. I don't see any scratches.
  2. probably just a bad disc read!

    use the drivers window on this page it's 3 easy steps!
  4. So I ran through the process and was only able to download a windows xp driver. The driver is in a .exe file. Not a normal driver file. SO how would I extract the driver file to get it into a form that the windows 7 install can use?
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