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A question about partitions

Can I have two partitions that both boot into Windows 7 but different instances of it? I want them both on Windows 7 but I want their files separate.

The second part to my question is whether this is safer than having one partitions with different user accounts?

I want to have one partition (partition A) that is all good, just web browsing and normal stuff. On the other partition (partition B) I plan to play games (some cracked) and use P2P programs.

Would this be somewhat of a deterrent to viruses that manage to get into partition B from getting into partition A?
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  1. azurelion said:
    I plan to play games (some cracked)

    I was with you until that bit. You are correct to think that this is asking for trouble.
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    ^^ Agreed-- Go legit-
  3. So cracks would be too dangerous I guess. Can I still have two different partitions, each with Windows 7 64 bit?
  4. For legal (and to make sure our programming pals get a decent wage for their hard work) please don't ask forum questions regarding hacking / cracking games or other questions pertaining to the illegal use of software.

    Read the site TOU for further reference.

  5. ok I understand
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