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Hello everyone. I am new to the Tom's Hardware forums and will be using it more often. Anyway I am having trouble with my Microsoft Office 2007 and maybe you can help me? It is fairly important do to since my Computer Information System class requires it.

Well, I have recently purchased Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit. I unwrapped it knowing that I needed Windows XP/Vista to run my Microsoft Office. My teacher told me that with Windows 7 they allow you to have Windows XP as an easy download from the Microsoft website. However, he failed to specify that you needed Windows 7 Professional to do so.

I have searched many websites to find it possible to get Windows XP 32Bit installed and have a partition space for Windows 7. Although, my problem is that I need to partition space on Windows 7 to run XP. This seems a little more complicated due to my lack of knowledge of the new O/S.

I have tried to use the Computer Manager to create a new partition. I found I could only create one 3.8gb which seems fairly small. (my hard-drive is 160gb) Eliminating that problem, which I'm sure is possible to do, (if provided instructions) I could not locate or find a way to install Windows XP (Create the partition).

Since I am used to XP, after I created the new partition, I figured I should put the XP disc in and reboot and it would be just like doing a fresh install. Well, that didn't work, at least since I am not use to the Windows 7 boot/Windows 7 period.

My question is this: first, can I create a partition on Windows 7 for Windows XP. Second, would anyone have a link for this? Third, can I combine my Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with Windows XP Home 32bit?

I would just install Windows XP and then configure it to have Windows 7 on it (saw on a video)...but I just installed everything on my new O/S for the last 7 hours. Please help me save the aggravation.

Thank you for your help and time. It is much appreciated.
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  1. What's wrong with running office under Win7?
  2. It is a little bit more than Microsoft 2007. We use a program called MyITLab which isn't supported by Windows 7 of two days ago at least. It is how we study for our Microsoft 2007 tests.
  3. You could use the Anytime Upgrade feature to buy an upgrade to 7 Professional, then download the installer for Windows XP Mode. No fuss over re-partitioning the drive, and thus no dual booting.
  4. I would rather spend an hour partitioning it than spend $100 to use an old product which I already have anyway. Is it a problem partitioning it? No one has answered my question.
  5. Windows 7 has an option integrated into the Disk Management wizard to re-partition your hard drives.
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