Will this version work on a new HD?


I've found mixed info on this. Some say you would have to purchase Windows 8 OEM, while others say that since I DO have a valid Windows 7 code sticker on the side of my tower that I will be able to use this Upgrade disc. What is the correct answer here?

I had to replace my hard drive a few weeks ago, and do not have my Windows 7 disc and am told there is no way to get one except purchase a new disc. So I've been using Linux and I really hate it. Like I said I have a sticker on the side of my computer with a Windows 7 code or whatever its called. If I'm going to have to purchase something anyways, I'd rather get the newer Windows 8. I understand it is still buggy and probably will be for awhle yet, but I can accept that.
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  1. Can you borrow a windows 7 install dvd?
    Or download a legitimate iso image?
    As far as I know, they are all the same.
    When booting from the dvd, tell the installer what version(home/pro/ultimate) you have.
    At activation time, use the code on your pc. I imagine that it is an oem code, but that is ok, since you are not changing out the motherboard.
    I think w8 pro upgrade works the same, and you can do a clean install if you need to.
    Your situation with a damaged hard drive is exactly why you can do a clean install.
  2. Only one person I know has a Windows 7 dvd and our work schedules are so different it's been hard to get together. And I need Windows soon for work which is why I may just buy it. We live in a small town so I can't download anything unless it's clearly legal or they will fine us $50 per download LOL. I don't have a major brand PC I had a computer shop build it custom for me and I didn't get a disc with it. The shop tells me to get one from Windows and Windows tells me to get one from the manufacturer, so it looks like I'm stuck LOL.

    So I think I will try the upgrade then, thanks!
  3. Don't buy it!!!You need a windows XP/Vista/7 installed to upgrade.It won't install the OS on a HDD without any of the above OS,
  4. blacknemesist said:
    Don't buy it!!!You need a windows XP/Vista/7 installed to upgrade.It won't install the OS on a HDD without any of the above OS,

    Not so. A clean install option must be available to change from 32 to 64 bit.
    MS does support such a double install procedure.
  5. - The upgrade version will check to see if you have a Windows OS installed.
    -It is pretty simple in checking your current OS for its upgrade potential. Mainly, it needs a stable running Windows OS.

    - It will even let you upgrade from some free versions of windows with a lower build number (hint: windows 8 consumer preview install is free )

    It will update from OEM versions, it will even let you update from some invalid versions versions (but we should not talk about that)

    All it really cares about is a known working OS it can use to install from.
  6. And... If you install a upgrade version clean, but do not activate, it also counts as a previous version and enables the use of an upgrade activation code.
    This procedure was explained to me by Microsoft support when trying to use an upgrade version and going from 32 bit to 64 bit
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