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Hello ,
I am currently running a copy of Windows vista business 32bit and need to upgrade it to Windows 7 , i have made a bootable USB of it and it boots slow but it works .. now the problem is when it asks me where to install the copy of windows and when i select any partitions it just says cannot create new system partition or cannot find one :S .. ive formatted one of the partitions and split it into two but it just says the same thing when i try to install it on them too .. any help ?
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  1. why didn't you just upgrade using the actual win7 disk.?
    sounds like to need to use the advanced options and format the entire disk and start fresh..
    get a partition manager program would help as well.
  2. Haha hey mal :).

    Are you in the OS when you do this? All you have to do is either extract the ISO using a program (Then doulbe click on the EXE file inside of the folder) if all you have is the ISO, and if you have the disk, just stick it in while in Windows. It will recognize the disk and ask if you want to upgade... At least it should... :lol:
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