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So I built my computer last year, and specced it out like crazy. There is absolutely not problem with my computer as the games have all worked previously on Windows 7. I just purchased the Crucial m4 SSD and installed Windows 8 on it. Since then, I have put two games on there which will lag every couple of minutes for about 5-10 seconds (CS:GO and LoL). Originally I believed that it was a SSD problem, but I also tried running one of my games from my normal HDD, giving the same results. This leads me to the theory of something within the Operating System. I have updated all of my drivers, I have monitored my networking and memory while I played and found nothing. Running speed tests I get like 9ms and 12 up and down.

I have 8GB ddr3
850w psu
Radeon 6970 graphics card
Intel i7 3.4 GHz processor
Crucial m4 128GB SSD and a 2TB something HDD.
ASUS P8Z68 mobo

Nothing there would be causing the performance issues.

If anyone else has experienced issues like this, or knows the solution, please post. I want to either fix this or get a little more info from others to see if I can. So much research and haven't really found anything similar.

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  1. Playing in a bot game gives same results and not in an actual server game.
  2. Bad drivers / game compatibility for win 8? That's all I can think of...
  3. I am going to boot with Windows 7 and try again to see if it resolved. I may just remove the OS overall as I got it for free from my school for 2 years.

    Worst case I now put Windows 7 and my games on the SSD.
  4. I have removed Windows 8 completely and am now still having the same issue. I lag for about 4-5 seconds still in all games I play. Could there be something wrong with my SSD?

    I am on Windows 7 now.
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    if you suspect the lag to be due to your SSD:

    -Check the amount of IO to your SSD using resource monitor
    -Reduce the amount of IO to your SSD to a lower level. Turn of the rude programs that are doing pointless IO to your drive. (java cache, macromedia cache, chrome back ground cache, ...)
    - run your TRIM functions for your SSD
    - run a better OS like Win8 that is actually SSD aware and will TRIM it for you when you run the disk optimizer.
    - check eventvwr.exe logs for retired blocks. look for disk events to identify this.

    if you still have problems: stop or kill a bunch of the 3rd party process that you identify
    that write to your SSD (resource monitor, sort by the bytes written amount, don't care about the amount of reads)
    start your game while resource monitor is running and watch the writes, see if you get the lag after a huge number of writes to the SSD.
    (best to update SSD firmware before you start because it will be the only fix you will have in the end anyway if it is your SSD having to deal with the write load and block reallocation due to write failure contitions)
    there are a bunch of other things to check put that is a start.

    google crystaldiskinfo for a tool to display State info from your drives
  6. Honestly I have windows 8 and having no trouble with the games I'm playing - sounds like a local issue
  7. make sure with windows 8 on the asus mb you have the newest bios installed. with ssd have to install the newest intel chipset drivers and intel drivers istore for the ssd. run as ssd tool check that the bios set right and the istore driver installed.
  8. I removed windows 8 completely and kept 7 on my local HDD. I now have my games on the SDD and OS on HDD. No more lag issues on my end.
  9. What was the firmware version of your Crucial m4 128GB SSD ?
    Also, are you using the default windows 7 ACHI support for your SATA or did you install the Intel chipset drivers?
    The defaults changed between Windows 7 and Windows 8 for the Microsoft driver burned a lot of people who had old SSD firmware.
  10. I am having a similar issue. I'm not sure what is running on Windows 8 that was not running previously. It may be Windows Defender or another service. Sometime I'll restart my computer and have the problem, other times I will not. This did not happen with Vista.
  11. gamrgirl47 said:
    Honestly I have windows 8 and having no trouble with the games I'm playing - sounds like a local issue

    Whatever you said
  12. Some games have compatability issues, try running in win 7 to fix the problem.
  13. My similar annoyance is with ordinary online games like Sudoku, crossword puzzles, etc. I key a stroke and wait wait wait for it to appear. It was the same with Win7 and I hoped Win8 would be improved. Nope. Only solution is to close/reopen the browser. Works fine then. It seems to just choke up and needs a re-do.
  14. Hello,

    I don't know if this will help or not but if those are online games or rely or internet, try turning off QoS Packet Scheduler under your internet adapter settings.
  15. gamrgirl47 said:
    Honestly I have windows 8 and having no trouble with the games I'm playing - sounds like a local issue

    i too doesnt have any problem but when i updated win 8 to 8.1 the games starts lagging i dont knw wat do to i jus searched everywer in the net and i cant find any answer....:pfff:
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