Backup Tool Recommendation for newly delivered laptop


Here is what I am trying to achieve.

I ordered a Dell XPS 17 and will be receiving it next month.


Goal :
I would like to make a backup of the HDD as it is when it was delivered to me.
That way, each time I restore the image, it should be really like "NEW".

Worst Case Scenario :
Boot from the original disk, install backup software on that system, then do a backup.


The OS that comes with my new DELL is Windows 7 64bit but I am hoping that the backup software can handle any OS.
As you can see from above, I am not considering incremental backup at all and I am not backing up any user data.
It is just one time backup which I will not be using for years.

This should be achievable if I have a backup/restore software installed on my USB Flash disk which also allows me to boot from.
That software should support the latest partitions and file systems and also allow me to backup to another USB HDD(or on that Flash Disk locally).

I remember doing something like this with Ghost but then that was on Windows ME system.
I believe there is something similar and currently downloading a few candidates to try out on VMware images.

1. Easeus Todo Backup
2. Macrium Reflect Free
3. Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Advanced Edition

Let me know if you have any recommendations.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. From further research, what I am trying to achieve was called "Cold Imaging".
    Norton Ghost supports it.
    Found some references that Acronis True Image also supports it.

    Now I need to find a free tool that supports Cold Imaging and Restore.
  2. CloneZilla Live seems to be what I am looking for.

    Interestingly I cannot chose my answer as best answer :)
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    DO NOT need 3rd party back-up. Win 7 comes with a good program to do the Back-up. Just go to control panel, select back-up and it will create an image file of your C drive plus the small 100 MB partition. When done it will prompt you to create a bootable restore DVD (you can use this disk, or any Windows 7 installation disk to restore the image file. Image can be on DVDs, or a 2nd HDD.

    I have used it.
  4. Your new laptop should come with a recovery partition. After first use you should get a message to create a set of recovery disks.
    Have blank dvd's handy and choose to create the recovery disks.
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