Windows 7 32 bit or 64?

Hello, this is my 1st post so be kind if im in the wrong section etc.!

Basically, im used to buying ready made pc's from ripoff shops like Currys / PCWorld, but this time, i decided against it and went with my friends suggestion and bought from Overclockers UK (

Now i bought This Product with a GTX 460 Upgrade ( Not sure if the link provides that ).

Im mainly looking to use this computer for a) University Course work, b) Gaming [ World of warcraft, Black ops, BFBC2, Starcraft 2 etc. ] and was wondering, since im 100% sure this computer can help me do the course work no problemo, what would be best for performance / looks ? windows 7 Ultimate 32bit or 64bit (didint buy it from Overclockers as i can get it for 1/3 of the price via student discount (Software4students), my friend recommended a 32bit, but as i read up on it, i found out that 32bits can only support 4gb ram and in most cases, only 3.5gb, now the system we're talking about has 4gb DDR3 ram, so would it be worth for the extra 0.5gb of ram to switch to 64bit? or will it slow my system down? Pros and Cons? all help appreciated! thanks and please forgive me for my punctuation / grammar, its 5am! :).
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  1. No you want 64 bit. It runs 32bit apps just fine and actually is more efficient with memory use. You may one day want 8GB of memory too.
  2. In your case I would recommend going with the 64 Bit.

    (1) Only con would be if you need to run some old software that will not run under 64 Bit. Normally that only applies to people like me that have to interface with some old hardware. For most/normal use as I said normally not a problem.

    (2) Later if you decide to go with more memory, then you need the 64 Bit.

    (3) With 4 gigs, I don't think you will notice a performance difference be tween the 2 ie 3+ gigs out of 4 gigs usable with 32 bit vs a full 4 gigs w/64 bit.

    Me - work all systems I use are 32 bit
    - Personal, 2 laptops w/4 gigs - both 32 bit. One desktop, 4 gigs Ram (daul boot vista 32 bit and XP 32 bit and One desktop 8 gigs (was 4 gigs) with Win 7 64 bit. If it was not for the Over 4 gigs of ram installed, I would take it back to 32 bits as I saw no advantage in the 64 bit when I had the 4 gigs installed.
  3. The system you linked to has 4GB of memory. If you use 32-bit Windows then you'll only be able to take advantage of 3 to 3.5GB of that memory (the amount depends on the size of the memory aperture of your video card).

    To get the full use of all your RAM, and to allow future RAM upgrades without having to reinstall Windows, you should install the 64-bit version.
  4. i dont tend to run old software, as none is needed by my work, uhm so if it allows full use of my memory / is more efficient, i shall buy the 64 bit version!, thanks for the swift and insightful replies!
  5. win7 64-bit professional or ultimate also has 'xp-mode'...
    just a FYI.
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