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I'm using a SMC 7004VBR router between two computers, both running Windows 98. Internet connections are fine. Just set up both computers to network and share files (and it works), however on my secondary computer it has to actually search for and detect the network - which takes about 5 minutes. On my primary computer the network icons appear instantaneous (as expected) and the network components are available immediately. Is this delay on the secondary computer due to a router setting (or?); why is the secondary computer taking so long to find and display the network? Thanks, JK
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  1. WINDOWS is the answer. Sometimes i boot up and see everyone on the net. sometimes 1 or 2. sometimes none. 5 minutes later I see everyone.

    The possible solution to this:

    if your main comp is on most of the time you can set up Wins resolution on it. Then point all other comps to this computer for network information.

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  2. Thanks for the info...I'll give it a try.
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