Epson 1250 Win 7 x64 driver

Is there a 'free' option to connect the Epson 1250 to Win7 x64. The VueScan costs $40!
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  1. hello mmkedia;
    Have you tested the current version of VueScan? I think you can run a trial and do some testing.
    If it doesn't work you don't even need to think about spending $40.

    No doubt you've seen the Win7 (and Vista) 32bit driver on the Epson website.
    IMO the last of a Vista 64bit driver and the 32bit Windows 7 driver is a clear signal that Epson doesn't plan on writing 64bit drivers.

    Interested in doing a dual boot install? When you wanted to use the scanner you could boot up an alternate OS (XP/Vista/Win7 32bit).
    It looks like there might even be support for Linux.

    As for paying $40 to get a six year old photo scanner working? IMO you'd be better off looking for a hardware upgrade and use the $40 there.
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