Usb hd format. w/ mac drive any issues BAK/REST. PC?

Have my wd passport formatted w macdrive (need for my jtag xbox 360 console)...
Will there be any problems using it to backup/restore windows vista on my laptop pc?

Plan to try fresh intall of windows 7 (if drivers not issue w/dell inspiron 1520- dell doesn't seem to have any windows 7 drivers for..?)
Any ideas if I'll be able to run windows 7 on a dell inspiron 1520 if dell doesn't offer win7 drivers?

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  1. As far as im aware, vista basically shares all its drivers with windows 7.

    Also, I have installed windows 7 on a few friends laptops that were windows xp, no worries.
  2. thanks for reply!
    anyone know about the macdrive file system and potentials issues with backing nup/restoring windows pc with?
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