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Alright, so I got this Linksys Wireless Print Server. Hooked it up, turned it on, now what the hell do I do? How do I install the printer on the rest of my computers? Should Windows recognize it as being on the network? Runnin XP Home on laptop and XP Pro on desktop. Neither of which are directly connected to the printer. Also, network works fine otherwise. All linksys products.

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  1. You need to install the printer on each machine as a network printer.

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  2. well, it depends on what sort of print server it is. If it only supports it's own proprietery print protocol you'll need to install client software on each client PC (that probably came with the server on a CD). Newer print servers also support IPP (which I love) in which case you would enter the IP address and device name of the printer port in the 3rd network option (at the bottom) of the network printer installation applet (add new printer -> network). It's entered just like a web URL.

    Also, there was probably a manual that came with the server. Maybe you should read that.

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