need info. about playing online with the ps2

I never had a playstation 2 before and I want to buy one. I'm just wondering if we have to pay to play online.

I have a xbox and I know there's xbox live and we need a credit card and we will need to pay 50$ per mouth I think. (Did microsoft decide that yet?) And there's also a program called xbconnect and xbox tunnel.

Does the playstaion 2 have something like xbox live or something like xbox tunnel and xbconnect?

What is the best online adapter for the ps2?
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  1. Hi

    I don't think the PS2 has a 'live' capability. Just
    curious ... why don't you like the xbox :)

    Gary Hendricks
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  2. I like the xbox. I just want to play games that the xbox doesn't have. Like Socom 2 US Navy Seals, final fantasie, tekken etc......... I know some of them are not online games, doesn't matter.
  3. How can I make the Hip Gear Analog controler work with Grand Turizmo 3. The red light is on and I'm in control options but when I press the bottons on the remote, nothing happens. I don't have the instructions.
  4. I'm not totally sure, but i dont think there's going to be a "Monthly" fee to play PS2 online. Although, there are not a lot of online games anyways. As for Biohazard(resident evil) - Out Break released from Capcom jp. There's only a one-time register type fee required. I'm not sure about other games such as .hack

    btw...have anybody seen the game play Biohazzrd - Out Break yet? I heard it is very intersting game. max 4 player chose from 8 charectors and you cant talk to each other besides the story line. Other 4 player will be NPCs controlled by AI. You wont really die 'die' in this game, but becoming a zomby. and you can attack other players. HOW FUN!!

    Trix are <font color=red>NOT JUST</font color=red> for kids
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