Some installation and games not working

I just got windows 7 ultimate 32bit on my laptop and now i try to instal some programs but it wont let me

and i try to run Jade Dynasty (game) patcher, I get same error

see the pictures

oh and im having the same problem for my new desktop which has windows 7

how do I fix this or should i just go back to vista
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  1. anything?
  2. Are these legal versions of Windows?
  3. does that effecct
  4. Sounds like "no".
  5. night009 said:
    does that effecct

    It does affect whether or not we can help you. If these are pirated versions, sorry. You get what you pay for, so to speak.
  6. Tomshardware and BestOfMedia does not support pirated versions of any software or piracy. If this in fact an illegal version of Windows 7, please go somewhere else to ask these questions.

    Thank you.
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