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I *thought* to have lost the address bar and so took this advice from another web site. That site is as follows ...

I took the advice and performed it in the IE10 (Windows 8). The advice was again as follows ...

"In the Run dialogue box type: 'REGSVR32 /i BROWSEUI.DLL' (without the quotes) and press OK" ... (End quote)

But that didn't do anything and I got a message saying it was put into the registry but nothing was done.

I did a find in the Registry and found it but need advice as to how to delete it. In the Registry, I see on the left (I'll call it a directory) called "RunMRU" and in the subdirectory (I'll call it that) I see several things, one of which is the ... REGSVR32 /i BROWSEUI.DLL ...

My question is - do I delete just the 'REGSVR32 /i BROWSEUI.DLL' or do I delete what I call the directory, the RunMRU ...
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  1. So you tried moving the mouse cursor to the bottom of the browser screen and using right-click?
  2. Address bar is not missing - being a novice, there were icons on my taskbar that went missing. Being half smart, I inserted what I previously said into my Registry. The question remains - how do I remove it. Thanks for your reply.
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    Leave it be.

    All you did was tell the broweui.dll to call its Dll registerServer routines.

    This caused the dll to register itself again. Do not delete the registry entry. The code would have deleted the old value and set a new one. (should be ok)

    -deletion of the key would cause the DLL to revert to its default code the next time you reboot.
  4. Thank you johmbl for your informative reply. Appreciated muchly!!!
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