Microphone not detected

To cover the specs first:
Asus P5N-D with Nvidia 750i chipset
4GB DDR2 PC6400 800mhz ram
Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

The problem:
Any mic plugged into any of my input jacks (Line-in, Front Mic, Back Mic) Is not detected as plugged in or, when detection is ignored, does not pick up any sound.

Attempted solutions
Installed windows 7 default drivers (Didn't work)
Installed Asus Drivers from website (Didn't work)
Installed Realtek Drivers from website (Didn't Work)
Ran all three driver installs in compatibility mode for Windows Vista (Didn't work)
Tried installing drivers while Windows 7 automatic driver install was disabled (didn't work).
Plugged in a USB mic (Worked but doesn't resolve problem as I prefer my 3.5mm mic)

I know they worked previously but can't recall exactly how long ago as I never used a mic much before. They work in Ubuntu 10.10 and Debian Squeeze as well as a multitude of other distro live cds.

If I can't fix the problem soon I am contemplating upgrade installing windows 7 again or clean installing (Really dreading reinstalling programs and settings if the latter is necessary)

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated

Edit: Forgot to mention that when preventing automatic windows update only one of 5 "Audio Devices" installs when I install the audio drivers. Manually pointing them to the driver folders just gives me a "No Drivers Found" error.
I have attached a picture after all drivers have been uninstalled (When they are the only thing that is different is that one of the Audio device entries moves to sound and game controllers with the name realtek

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  1. Is this the Realtek thing that you have?

    (without the red boxes, they're not important :P)
  2. No I have this one

    The only input jack available is front mic which seems to have detection disabled / unavailable.
  3. Hmm.. unfamiliar with navigating through that one.. is there a section (maybe under an advanced settings tab or similar?) that looks similar to the thing I posted, with lots of sliders for everything? If there is then sometimes they are muted for no reason. (happened to me a few times).

    Although it does seem to be a different issue, but what it is is beyond me.
  4. Thanks but I've tried that. The problem is that even in the windows mixer it's not being detected.
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    :/ Maybe the connectors between the motherboard and the jacks have come loose?
  6. go to nvidia and install the chipsset drivers from there ;)

    also audio drivers available too
  7. Thanks for your help everybody. Unfortunately I can't seem to get the rear microphone jack working but the front jacks work now. The front audio jack connectors were loose on the motherboard.
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