What is the name of the counter strike group? I can't find..

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as above
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More about what counter strike group find
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    On Fri, 25 Feb 2005 14:28:51 +1000, "Paul Goodhew"
    <Paul.Goodhew@telstrawholesale.com> wrote:

    >thankyou. it doesn't come up on my mail server

    I would hope not, it is a Usenet newsgroup.
    Andrew, contact via interpleb.blogspot.com
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    Mate, he's a foul-mouthed moron. Do like I've just done and killfilter him.
    He deserves no more than that. Well, maybe a little therapy. Maybe a LOT of
    therapy. Maybe he just needs a hug. Parents? A friend? Whatever...

    "STEAMMadman" <steammadman@doesnotexist.com> wrote in message
    >I do respect your free will but please do not hurt anybody emotionally with
    > the way you word.
    > The other side of the internet is a human being with all emotional and
    > psychological characteristics of a normal human being, I mean, being
    > saddened, angered or humiliated by some rude remarks. Especially if the
    > person
    > is very sensitive.
    > The anomity of the internet has in some way made people ruder than they
    > really
    > were in real life.
    > My apologise for my remark about the "uneducated assumption" i did post
    > earlier in a moment of temporary enragement..
    > I am wrong also in losing my tempers and jumping into conclusion..
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    GFree <nickt4001@yahoo.com.au> typed as if devouring a plate of spoo:
    > All right, all right! I'm a prick somtimes, I admit it. I apologise.
    > I'll try to be more polite in my responses in the future. Is that
    > enough to get you off my back? ;)

    Sure. LOL :)

    There is no spoon.

    EvilBill - http://evilbill.50megs.com/index.html
    My Quake2 FTP site:
    Jack of Hearts of the Eeeevil Trek Cabal (TINC)
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