Help with "Net user Guest /Time:????? Have Error 3768

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I have tried to set up Accessrestriction for some useraccout but its
give me error every time. From the Help file:
> net user johnsw /time:M-F,08:00-17:00
(changed to net user Gäst /time:M-F,08:00-17:00 (swedish))
It´s give me the following error:
> Felaktig dagangivelse.
> see Net Helpmsg 3768

Whats the wrong with that?
I have tried Access Boss a program that do the same and it´s working
for them.
I can do net user Gäst /time:all to change that back again... but i
want to do the net user commando, not use a visual program.

HELP Me please!

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  1. Hi

    I see that this is an old post, and the problem maybe solved already...
    ...but since I got a sollution , maybe it can help others....

    You have to type the names for the days in the same language as your Windows copy.
    If you have a Swedish Windows XP for example, the command looks like this:

    net user Gäst /times:Måndag-Fredag,16:00-20:00;Lördag-Söndag,09:00-21:00

    For other languages, translate weekdays to your language

    Good luck!
  2. I know this is an old post but i felt like posting my answer too in order to help those users out there who have windows xp and get error messages using the command "net user "username" /time:DAYstart-DAYend,TIMEstart-TIMEend.

    Qbaze is 100% correct with his answer.
    /time or /times can be used, its the same.

    This powerfull command which can limit the time a user can logon on windows xp (very good for children restrictions) works correctly when days are put in the local language of windows. For example mine is windows xp prof GREEK sp3, so i had to use the whole days names in GREEK (whole name in greek, no abbreviations).

    I also used the time in 24 format like 9:00-22:00.
    This made the command work like a charm. So XP users can indeed use something that windows 7 users have standard with microsoft family security.

    There is a catch though. If a user is already connected to a time restricted account, windows will not disconnect him/her when time limit is reached. A way to bypass this is to use the "logoff" command. Just put it in the task scheduler to run when the time limit is reached. The current user will be logged off and will not be able to logon again.
    Of course all these instructions should be applied to a restricted account, otherwise an administrative account could bypass them.
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