Restoring data to Quicken 2004 in Windows 7 XP mode

I have installed Quicken 2004 in Windows 7 XP mode. When I try to restore my data from my external hard drive Quicken gives me a choice of drives A,D or C whereas my hard drive is drive E and my Lexar JumpDrive on which I also have data is drive F. This is the latest in a series of hurdles. Any help in getting me down the home straight would be most welcome
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  1. Quicken may have kept a list of your available drives at the time of install...??? Not sure why you are only seeing some of your drives within Quicken.

    Try copying the data from your removable drive(s) to the C drive and try to import into Quicken.
  2. So are you saying that when in XP mode that Windows maps the drives as C and D vice E and F? If so, are you able to access the drive regardless of the drive lettering?
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