Help with Tvout G45 dual head

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I've got a Matrox g450 dualhead, and I know I can get it to drive a TV
( I've got the correct vga-composite/s-video dongle) because I can go

Settings>advanced>dual head>TV-out>TV adjustments>change settings

And get color bars on my secondary composite TV monitor. So far so
good, I know the hardware works

My problem is I cannot get it to display any video on the TV (except
the color bars of course). I'd be satisfied with a clone of my main
display, and video output from the MyTheatre software I'm using (or

I have the options
Dual head multi-display (disabled, but works* when box chkd)
Dual head clone (greyed out, will not let me use)
Dual head zoom (disabled)
Dual head dvdmax (enabled but not currently active)

* works means displays on the composite monitor
Can some one give me a clue

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.videocards.matrox (More info?)

    cntrl f10 did the trick

    obvious in retrospect;)

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