WMP 12 Hardware acceleration?

Hey guys,

I'm building a htpc for my girl in a few days and I want to know if WMP 12 that comes in W7 x64 can handle the work when playing blu ray discs?

I know power dvd does this but I want to keep them with wmp as it works with those media remotes so they can control the pc with it. Thanks for any answers.
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  1. That 'hardware acceleration' you mention actually takes place in the hardware. WMP is software.
    You didn't mention what hardware (CPU and video GPU) you're using for building the HTPC.

    Chances are good the hardware you've picked will handle hardware acceleration just fine.
    This is not a WMP12 or Win7 issue since it applies to all OS's and media players (PowerDVD for example).
  2. I didn't mention the specs because I know they are up to par, but i just wanted to know if a particular piece of software (wmp 12 in this case) supports the feature. But since you want to know the specs the cpu is a C2D E6550 that will be OC to 3. ghz and an HD 5450.

    Also what with the quotes around "hardware acceleration" like I asked something stupid?
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