do I even need a Matrox card?

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Okay, I don’t know too much about graphic cards and need some help
here. Currently I’m working on a dual Pentium 4 3.0GHz system (1GB
RAM) with a GeForce 6200 graphics card and use Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
for editing. I capture using a Sony DSR-11 VTR through its firewire
out. I also use the same VTR and firefire to connect to a video
monitor for realtime previews. Now I want to get a second system but
not too sure whether a Matrox really is needed here. People tell me
that I MUST get at least a RTX100 Extreme Pro if I’m considering
editing, but I’ve been doing that without a Matrox and it seems to
work fine.

My question is where does the Matrox come in handy and am I
overlooking a very important aspect of video editing? And should I
just get a display card like the Parhalia or is a capture card an
absolute essential element of editing?

Any comments / suggestions? Anyone?

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  1. hi
    i'm using adobe premier pro2 and matrox card and i have been captured aand get out put through firewire and think i'm just using the card to get some realtime effect but the question how is the quality of out put with card ?is there any difference u experiencing or not becs at the moment i cant use the card for out put
  2. Matrox comes in handy when you need to do real time image processing while capturing and displaying the video stream.
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