Armed and Dangerous install fails :-(

I LOVE the "Armed and Dangerous" demo. So i bought it.

Then when I go to install the game It gets right to the very end and then I get this message. " Please insert volume 1". So I put the 1st CD in. Then I get this:

"error number: 0x80040707
Description: DLL function call crashed: ISRT._WaitOnDialog

Setup will now terminate."

Ive checked the CDs, they're both clean and unscratched, I googled the probem and got no where. I really like the game demo and want to play the full version now that i own it.

Thank you.

Kelcey Lehrich

AIM/AOL - kelceylehrich
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  1. Yikes.. there should be a support email address in your manual somewhere. Give that a try if nothing turns up.

    good luck.
  2. try creating virtual drives using a prgoram called Daemon Tools and mount each CD to those Virtual drives and you should be able to install it without the cds then.

    good luck

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