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Hello, My 'send to' destinations no longer include email recipient or desk top. Can I restore these as they are most used categories
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  1. Just drag/copy a shortcut for the program you want to the following location in windows explorer. Users\yourusername \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo
  2. Mibix19 - Thanks for replying, I have located my 'send to' location and tried copying Email shortcut as you suggest to that location, however, it doesn't later appear in (right click) 'send to' dropdown. So rebooted still no show. Have checked MS site on this matter who suggest I create .MAPIMail file in the location, assuming I'm using a Messaging Application Programming Interface-based (MAPI-based) e-mail program as my default Simple MAPI client. I'm now a bit lost. So I've tried to locate my 'mail recipient' and 'Desktop' file location to do as you originally suggested - so far without success as they are the 2 items missing...any ideas..?
  3. Hi, In windows explorer, if you go to c:\users\default\app data\roaming\ microsoft\windows\send to you will see the icons for Desktop and Mail recipients. You can copy these to your profile\user name as before.(both locations are next to each other)
  4. Hi Mmbix19 - Thanks again for following this through, I have now located the required files in 'Users/Default' location and copied them across to my 'Send to' location and it works fine. I don't know why they went 'AWOL' but now know how to fix it in future. Thanks.
  5. You're welcome.
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