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I'm trying to install Mac on my asus crosshair am2 motherboard I have a 9950 BE cpu, ati hd 4870, 6gb ddr2 800mhz. I have tried so many time I have just gave up lol. The only one I managed to get up and running was Kalyway 10.5.2 however I can't upgrade without crashing. I want the newest version so I do not have compatibility problems with software. Thanks for reading I appreciate it, my email is jj.fiddla@gmail.com if anyone can help me thank you in advance
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  1. Doing a hackintosh with an AMD platform is very hard because Apple itself uses Intel. There have been patches for AMD processors, but i think noone is working actively on that. Better get an Intel platform if you want to run hackintosh
  2. I know that apple uses a intel based processor. However I know that there are many hackintosh iso's floating around. My question was, what would be the best version to run with the current system specs I have ?? anyone else?....
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