I recently detected several trojans on my pc.
They changed my win7 internet settings.I removed them with kaspersky, but the settings are still the same.
I keep getting the message """"These files cant be opened, your internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened""", every time i use:
any win7 manager like device manager, audio manager. When i want to choose with what program files are opened , when i select any desktop shortcut and MANY other programs are
disabled like ET6. PlEASE HELP. It also disabled system restore. Win7 Ultimate, 4GB ram , dualcore 2.66, 500GB harddrive, ATI 5770 OC edition.
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  1. i currently have all the free piriform software(they good). ill try malwarebytes. Thanks for the help. Can it shops not reset the settings somehow? Or a program?
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