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I uninstalled some programs and now all of my text in Outlook is bold, I have tried all of the signature setting in Outlook and the bold button is off.

It has turned all of my old e-mail text bold also not just new ones. I have tried everything and nothing is listed as bold on any setttings

I have searched online and can't find anyone else that has this problem.

Please please help as I fear I may have to re install WIndows 7

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. How do the fonts look in other programs? Sounds like you turned on HTML email and the fond changed a bit or you changed your display settings and the text looks fatter. If you don't have bold on in the font properties, it's not, but something is causing it to look that way to you.

    Is you list what "some programs" are maybe there will be more clues.
  2. Hi ds70rey and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Do you checked the "stationery and fonts" options in options>mail format tab?
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