I am using windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit i was wondering if My Motherboard supports 64-bit version

Motherboard Asus P5K
Memory 4GB

I have been trying to look for a solid answer so far nothing,The reason i'm asking is that when i load My Windows 7 64 bit it boots but after loading the files and selecting language it's saying that it can't detec driver for DVD/CD etc im confused please help.

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  1. i think this is more dependent on your CPU, not your motherboard or RAM. If it's having issues with "detecting the driver for the DVD/CD" it could be a bad copy of windows that you got. (if you burned it, try burning at the slowest possible speed. also, if you can, try redownloading the image and burn at slowest speeds. you want to burn at the slowest speeds to ensure that your data doesn't get corrupted.)
  2. I see Im using Intel Duo core E8400.Earlier i was dusting off my pc and i think i undone some wires my DvD-RW is not showing computer unless i click on it but my DvD-Rom works fine... Thanks for your help.
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    You can run 64bit Windows your processor and motherboard supports it.

    I have a Asus P5K-Premium and Core 2 Duo E6750 running Windows 7 Professional 64bit. Is this a legit version of Windows? If it is try reburning the ISO to a new DVD at the slowest speed your burner can do.
  4. Yes It is.
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    nIf that for some reason doesnt work, I would recommend trying a different DVD reader/writer for some reason Windows 7 may not like that one.
    nThanks for the Best Answer
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