Sharing internet with win98se & winXP

Okey, here's the deal:
I have a win98se-pc which is host. It has two ethernet-cards, one connected to the aDSL-modem, and one connected to the hub. the other pc, a WinXPpro-pc is on the network, which works fine.

I can access the pc's and so, but the winXP-pc cannot get on the net...Is there some big trick I have to pull off? I've enabled ICS on the win98-pc and "told" the winXP-pc to connect to the net through LAN...any help? open for any suggestions...
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  1. did you run the internet connection wizard in XP,
    if you have done that, Is the 98 comp on no.1 port of the hub, the one with internet sharing. try that, shot in the dark.
  2. if i remember right when i was setting up my friends and mine ics network, his is xp mine is ME, it said that the host computer must be running XP for ics to work if running other XP machines. Someone correct me if im wrong. You may have to move the cable modem to the XP machine or get a Dsl/Cable modem router with a 4 port switch. Thats what I ended up doing at my friends house. Dont have to rely on the other computer being on all the time.
  3. I had an old win98 machine set up as my internet router for a long time and it worked great. Make sure that the ics is set to share using the nic connected to the network, it has been a while since I last used 98 but I think it has that setting. make sure that all of the correct protocols are installed also, both machines have to have the same config for their nic's. also make sure that you are doing the wizard right, read each selection carefully or just make a network setup disk on the 98 machine. Try setting static ip's to the nic's connected to the network, that probably wouldn't do anything but it's work a shot, use the form 192.168.0.x (x=any#from1-255)
    there are afew things to try, I'll try to think up other things if none of those work.
  4. Go with a router hub then any computer on your network can connect to the internet no matter if the others are off or on. I am running 3 on my setup all running diffrent ver. of windows 98se, me, and xp

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